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      The Indian printing industry in India has consistently outpaced GDP growth. Since 1989, the printing and packaging industries’ collective growth has had a compound annual growth rate of over 16.2%. The growth has always been in double digits and significantly, always more than twice the GDP growth rate. The Indian Printing Industry is poised to achieve 60% growth by the year 2010 and can generate phenomenal increase in employment opportunities.

The printing industry is one of the biggest and fastest growing sectors in India. Conservatively speaking, we have more than 1,50,000 printing presses actively in operation all over India, with a capital investment of over Rs.83,000 million. This industry provides employment to about 1.5 million people directly or indirectly.

To meet this ever growing and continuous demand for high-speed and high-tech printing, packaging and converting machines – the Indian graphic arts machine manufacturers, of course, being aware of the challenge before them have committed themselves to fulfill the need of the nation to give technologically update machines and related equipments matching to international standards and quality. The printing and packaging industry in India and its output in the form of magazines, newspapers, books, catalogues, packaging products and other publications like coffee-table books etc. have come up to international standards.

Last year 375 brand new offset printing units were imported into India. This year the total shipments into India is expected to be over 500 units Speaking about the market trend, the demand for offset machines is increasing from small printers in metros and also from printers in small towns. The demand is growing fast.

Even small printers are now opting for sophisticated machines so as to stay in business which in turn augurs well for quality consumables. Import of second hand printing machines is also on the rise in India.For every new machine shipped to India, ten second hand machines are imported. The one comfort is that they are also high speed machines.

The global commercial print industry is expected to grow to $400 billion by 2009. The domestic industry is estimated at $11 billion, growing at 14% CAGR for the last 25 years. Outsourcing from western markets will benefit the Indian Printers.

The per capita print output in India is $10 against $583 in Northern Europe, $479 in Japan, $317 in the U.S. and $34 in South America, indicating the scope for growth in the domestic market.

We Rama Reprographics are serving the growing Printing Industry for the past 25 years by bringing the highly sophisticated products from all across the globe to cater our customers with the latest technology. we have grown at a steady pace along with the graphic arts industry, always stimulated by the new challenges that inevitably lie ahead. We add additional products and services to our existing range to meet the growing demands of our customers.
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